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"La crise économique nous force à revoir toutes les facettes de nos activités."("The economic crisis forced us to review all facets of our activities.") [9]

It is not yet clear how the announcement will affect stations owned by either CBC Television or Télévision de Radio-Canada, however it is envisaged that regional news programming may be merged in the regions outside Quebec.

Radio-Canada once operated an extensive network of rebroadcasters, but they were closed by 2012. However, few people lost access to the network's programming because of the very high penetration of cable and satellite, which is all but essential for acceptable television in much of Canada (particularly rural areas). [ citation needed ]

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SRC converted its originating station transmitters to digital as part of the digital transition deadline in mandatory markets, which took place on August 31, 2011.

On July 31, 2012, all of the corporation's 620 analog television transmitters were permanently shut down, leaving CBC's English and French television network with a total of 27 digital transmitters.

The network's logo until 2013; the "Télévision" portion was often excluded in promos, leaving only the CBC logo.
The Network's first logo after the "ICI" rebrand, used from 2013-2016.

In television listings such as South Midrise Straightleg Jeans Black Acne Studios LRAnd
or TV Hebdo , where space limitations usually require television networks to be referred to by a three-letter abbreviation; while its full name was previously Télévision de Radio-Canada , the network was normally coded as SRC (for Société Radio-Canada, the French language corporate name of the CBC as a whole.) This has no official standing as a name for the network. While the network experimented with using SRC as its on-air brand in the 1990s, within a few months it reverted to using "Radio-Canada" for nearly all verbal references. The experiment ended later in the decade. In 2009 Radio-Canada refreshed its branding featuring the word "Télévision" underneath the corporate logo; in promos, it features the logo, without any wording or slogans.

This particular method of branding can cause confusion amongst Canadians. An exclusive interview with freed murderer Karla Homolka by Radio-Canada journalist Joyce Napier was hailed as a scoop for "Radio-Canada" in the English-language media. FOOTWEAR Courts Carvela hrLgwN1B
Whilst correct, technically the name "Radio-Canada" refers to the television, radio and internet operations in the French-language, not just "la télévision de Radio-Canada". This same confusion however can extend to Polka Dot Midi Dress White Missguided xDh7X
, where on-air it is branded "CBC".


A cognitive psychologist has developed a toolkit to help anyone be more inventive by shedding their preconceived ideas and thinking like a kid.

By Jessica Stillman Contributor, Inc.com White Mule Kitten Heels Proenza Schouler VOAW0O

is trying to do something new and better. If your business doesn't improve in some way on the other dry cleaner in town or other app in the space, then why bother starting it, right? But inventing something truly different is rare—and very difficult. Is there any way those of us with less naturally creative minds can come with more inventive ideas?

Absolutely, says University of Massachusetts cognitive psychologist Anthony McCaffrey , who studies exactly what sort of thinking goes on the minds of inventors and recently published his findings in . Looking back at past "eureka!" moments—such as when someone looked at a burr stuck to a sweater and conceived of Velcro, for example—McCaffrey came up with a model of where out-of-the-box ideas come from.

"There's a pattern that, during the inventive process, people notice something that was overlooked and then they use that overlooked feature to build a new solution," McCaffery said in an interview.

"We're basically geared towards noticing the common things because that's most helpful in our daily experience. We don't want to have to figure out how to get a drink of water each time. But if you want to be innovative then your habits are your enemy and you have to fight against doing the common or habitual and know how to get to the obscure things," he explains.

The evidence from McCaffrey's lab is that this ability to see the obscure and unusual can be taught, and he's developed a tool kit to do just that. The techniques in the toolkit, McCaffrey says, are geared towards helping break us out of habitual thinking and return us to the fresh perspective we had when we were young:

If an inventor is stuck on a problem and could simplify it enough to describe it to a class of fifth graders, I would almost guarantee that those fifth graders would give you some new ideas that you have not thought of before.

Young kids are wild thinkers. They make wild associations. But when you get to that range of fourth through sixth grade, their minds are becoming a little more adult. So whereas really young kids will give you impossible answers, magic kind of answers like 'oh, my pet bunny will breathe on it and it will be fixed,' the fourth through six graders will have wild ideas but they'll still be kind of plausible.

[My techniques] are trying to get you back to when you were ten years old now that you've lost a little bit of that ability to associate more freely.


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